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Project Overview

 hell valley mission


Role | Solo Project     Duration | 2 Weeks     Tools Used | Unreal, Adobe Illustrator

Hell Valley is a mission top-down map and walkthrough done in the style of a Call of Duty-esque first person shooter with the intent of designing crafted gameplay spaces and encounters. Encapsulating a complete section of gameplay, the mission and map are accompanied by a fully paced narrative walkthrough and utilize explicitly designed metrics with 2m grid spacing and height and depth callouts for accuracy.

Utilizing the gameplay mechanics standard to a Call of Duty-esque first person shooter the map features gameplay and narrative callouts, enemy encounters and pathing, cover placement, and an accompanying legend to highlight each explicit gameplay moment.



The initial steps I took towards the development of this project was to first nail down an overarching thematic and story background that the mission would take place in as these would help to inform both the creation of the map and all the key gameplay moments that the player would experience.


Following this I utilized both Unreal Engine and Adobe Illustrator in tandem with one another to create a rough blockout and top-down map that would be translated towards the finalized and polished mission map.


in engine Blockout 

 MISSION narrative background


Following the Tokyo Tower HX chemical agent attack in which the toxic nerve agent was dispersed from the landmark which left 64 dead and 232 severely injured, the search for Japanese terrorist group “Seinaru Kaitaku”, or “Holy Reclamation” ramped to a frantic pace but still with little to no headway. This had been the groups third chemical weapon attack this month but none had been carried to this scale, with their following mass broadcasted message of “reclaiming the land of Japan and restoring original Buddhism through the hands of those who were fully enlightened”, being burned into the minds of the increasingly horrified inhabitants of Japan.


Following the discovery that the chemical compound prevalent in the creation of the HX chemical agent is found abundantly through volcanic activity, the player is tipped off that the group may currently be residing in an area aptly named “Hell Valley ”, a remote stretch of island thought to have been uninhabitable due to it’s common volcanic eruptions.






Having confirmed the whereabouts of “Seinaru Kaitaku” at Hell Valley, the player is tasked with destroying the means of production of the HX chemical agent that the group have set up at this volcanic locale. Exiting the boarded dinghy and pathing down to the valley’s sulfuric river, the player is met with a scenic shot that captures the volcano and a number of outpost set up by the terrorist group. As the player gets closer to the river, two patrolling terrorists through the body of water will come into view that the player must dispatch of.



The gunshots will alert the other terrorists stationed at the first outpost further down the river, causing them to fire at the player from their elevated position with assault rifles and a sniper. The player can utilize rocks protruding from the river as cover from the gunfire.



 AREA 2 - bath house shootout


bathhouse shootout.png

After dispatching the terrorists stationed at the outpost and progressing upstream, another set of terrorists will be seen sitting on a wooden walkway enjoying the river’s natural springwater. The terrorists will notice and begin attacking the player if they are not dispatched off and the player gets close. Turning the corner, the player is met with the sight of a the massive volcano lomoing overhead and a decrepit onsen spring and bath house with a large number of terrorists patrolling the area.



Getting closer to the scene of action will begin the large scale combat encounter and will also reveal that a sniper and an assault rifle terrorist are situated at an elevated bath house building to the right that will also fire down at the player. A number of rocks protruding from the bath can be utilized as cover in this encounter. Taking out a number of the terrorists will prompt a second batch of enemies to spawn, coming from within the decrepit bath house building. The player can progress through the bath house building after clearing the encounter, taking them through an elevated mountain path. Progressing further down the path will alert a group of terrorists sitatued at a part of the river below the path and will cause two terrorist to begin patrolling down the mountain path towards the player. 



 AREA 3 - steam springs and outpost lab



Progressing up the mountain path and through the bathhouse building at the end will lead the player to a space in the Hell Valley’s river springs where the lava flow and river water meet, creating bellows of steam that obscure the player’s vision. 


As the player progresses through the space with limited vision, terrorists stationed in the springs will ambush. Gunshots will prompt more terrorists to patrol downwards to the spring and will trigger snipers sitatued at the second outpost to begin firing aswell which are signified by laser dot sights in the distance. Rocks in the hotspring can be used as cover from the gunfire. The player can progress through the steam and hot springs through a natural path through the rocks that lead them up to the outpost where the aforementioned snipers were situated.


Breaching through the outpost will reveal a lab where the HX chemical agent is being created and will begin the combat encounter where tables and lab equipment can be used as cover. Terrorists wielding shotguns will rush at the player while terrorists wielding assault rifles will take cover behind tables situated at the back of the lab. Clearing out the lab will allow the player to progress through a door on the side which leads them to an elevated catwalk above the flowing lava of the volcano prompting a number of terrorists guarding the catwalk to be alerted aswell. In the middle of the catwalk is a wide path that goes between the flow of lava with a door located at the base of the volcano that can be breached.



 AREA 4 - volcano research lab



Breaching the door located at the base of the volcano reveals a research facility built inside the volcano itself, with a large central pillar of flowing lava being at the forefront of the player’s view. A large mechanism connected to the central pillar of lava can be seen to the side with it’s assumed function being to siphon the chemical compounds in the laval to fuel the “Seinaru Kaitaku” with the resources necessary to create the HX chemical agent.




Entering the facility will immediately begin a firefight with four terrorist’s gurading the building’s entrance, two of which are stationed at an elevated catwalk to the right. Tables and lab equipment are utilized as cover by the terrorist in this encounter. Clearing out the terrorist in the room will allow the player to plant explosives onto the lava flow mechanism and to progress forward to another lab room located directly ahead which contains more terrorists intent on stopping the player. 


A door on the right of the lab room will lead the player to the facilities storage area, where they are met with the sight of 5 sets of shipping containers and an elevated catwalk built near the back half of the room. Entering the storage area will prompt the enemies located on the catwalk to begin firing down upon the player alerting the patrolling terrorists on the ground floor aswell. The shipping containers can be utilized as cover from gunfire. As the player progresses deeper into the storage area towards the staircase leading up to the catwalk, they can also plant explosives onto each respective shipping container, fighting off the varying terrorist forces located above and below the catwalk. 


Once atop the elevated catwalk and after clearing all the terrorist soldiers the player can exit through the back of the volcano which leads to a helipad where you’ve arranged to be extracted. Following extraction, an animation sequence shows the facility and volcano blowing up as a result of the player’s planted explosives, destroying one of the means of production that the “Seinaru Kaitaku” have towards their heinous HX chemical agent attacks.

River Arrival
Bathhouse Shootout
Steam Springs & OutpostLab
Volcano Research Lab
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