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 Sonic Boom

Role | Solo Project

Duration | 2 Weeks

Tools Used | Unity, C#, Maya

Sonic Boom is a rhythm based first person shooter in which the player fires out major and minor note blasts in time with the games backing track to defeat corresponding enemies.

As players accurately time their shots on beat with the games music, additional layers to the track are added amplifying the intensity of the experience as player performance increases.

Screenshot (307).png
Screenshot (302).png

Design Process and Takeaways

Inspired by the rhythm based shooter experience in BPM: Bullets Per Minute I wanted to recreate a similar system with the distinction being made between the ability to fire off major and minor notes. 

This mechanic led to cool moments in the prototype where the player could create their own beat in tandem with the game's backing track, especially as players continued to shoot in time and the backing track developed.

I wanted every aspect of the game to be tied in some way to the beat of the backing track since time and rhythm intertwined gameplay was a core mechanic. Lights and the player's weapon, the sonic gauntlets, would strobe in time with the beat and enemies would switch between different modes in time as well.

This is a project that I was very happy with conceptually though I do wish I could have brought the levels of polish and execution in this prototype up a notch to fit my initial vision for the experience. Thus this is another one of my prototypes that I would happily revisit in the future. 

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