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Role | Lead Designer, Programmer     Duration | 2 Weeks     Tools Used | Unity, C#

Robo Jadu Lama is a 3D physics based puzzle platformer in which the player executes different inputs in an arcane  tablet to cast different physics spells in order to solve puzzles and traverse.

The project was built over a period of 2 weeks and with a team of four individuals in which I assumed to role of lead designer and programmer.

Screenshot 2021-03-26 070006.png

Design Process and Takeaways

The core mechanic we wanted to explore in Robo Jadu Lama was our unique spell casting system in which the player would input different runic combinations in an arcane tablet in order to execute different physics based spells that would allow them to solve puzzles and traverse through our level.

We wanted each physics spell to feel unique as a standalone mechanic while also being able to act in tandem with one another to create engaging spell combinations and this became a core philosophy in how we carried out our level design in which the penultimate moment in our experience involved the player utilizing all the tools under their belt in tandem to solve the final puzzle. 

Leaning in on our arcane magic-tech thematic, I created a series of modular wall assets and populated the entirety of our level with environmental set dressing to up the polish of the experience.

Though we view Robo Jadu Lama as a great conceptual success, we also acknowledge that areas in the prototype related to ease of playability and control stand out as facets of needed improvement thus making this project one we would happily revisit in the future.

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