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Role | Unity Engineer     Duration | 8 Months    Tools Used | Unity, C#

Metamorphosis is a 2D narrative-driven game where you play as a magical undersea creature who must consume poisonous contaminants and avoid death from toxin accumulation in order to restore their home. Throughout the game, players will experience empathy for creatures trapped by the contaminants that have invaded their home, and gratification when they successfully save them and help bring life back to the ocean.

This USC games capstone project was created with a multidisciplinary team consisting of 24 people and was awarded the Alfred P. Sloan grant for games. 



As an Unity Engineer on Metamorphosis I implemented various different game mechanics and systems while also working closely along within the project's multidisciplinary team to get works up and running in the project. This included systems and core mechanics related to the player character such as purifying contaminants and the animal companion system, and level mechanics such as the water current systems and platform implementation. My work also spanned into setting up character animation, hooking up game audio, setting up menu systems, and environmental set dressing with the game assets.



Metamorphosis is a game about empathizing with nature by performing selfless acts in order to restore the environment and help its inhabitants. It offers a unique perspective where the player is placed into the active role as an inhabitant of a polluted marine world who is subject to the harms inflicted by outside sources that are out of their control. 

Metamorphosis brings environmental and self awareness to players through an embedded design approach where real-world environmental issues are paralleled by fantastical elements. This method of design allows people to be more open to confronting difficult issues, and gives room for them to make their own decisions and think for themselves. Thus, instead of trying to influence people to change their behavior, the game encourages players to contemplate their actions through an emotionally impacting experience. This is done by focusing on interactions with creatures trapped in pollution and bringing the environment back to life at the cost of the player’s in-game health. 

The engaging gameplay and gorgeous mythical marine world of Metamorphosis speaks to a broad audience of players of any gaming experience who may or may not have an interest in protecting the environment, but will find this game as a “first step” towards fostering a sense of care for others besides themselves. Metamorphosis aims to reach a wide audience through intuitive gameplay, appeal to players’ emotions with engaging visual storytelling, and help them realize the gratification of helping others in need.

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