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 Alien food truck

Role | Solo Project     Duration | 5 Weeks     Tools Used | Unity, C#

Alien Food Truck is first person arcade style time management game in which you man a intergalactic food truck, serving up grub to beings from all across the galaxy.

Done as a project for a immersive design class, the game was prototyped with VR capability and functionality in mind.


Referencing the fast paced food service gameplay in games like Diner Dash and the nested minigames seen in a main gameplay loop in games like Among Us, I sought to combine these elements into Alien Food Truck where players would take orders and manage customers while completing mini games to obtain the food that they would deliver.

Designing with VR constraints in mind, I chose to make the player stationary to avoid the problem of motion sickness commonly seen in VR games with movement, opting for a system where the players scene shifted from one to another.

























Since this project and class as a whole had a heavy emphasis on immersion I placed a majority of my efforts in selling the fantasy of being in an galactic food truck, utilizing environmental set dressing and unique character animations to play up the experience.

While I am happy with Alien Food Truck on both a conceptual and experiential level I believe multiple minigames or more unique gameplay interactions could have definitely brought this prototype up a notch, and thus would be happy to update it in the future.

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